Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Importance of Biking in a Modern Age

Today, biking is not just a sport because it is also used for a myriad of other things. Each of these things show how important biking has become in our modern age. Take transportation, for example. People, often in populated areas, have been switching to biking instead of driving in order to get to where they need to go. This is especially evident in cities, where people often live close to their place of occupation. Another reason why biking has become so important is because of rising gasoline prices. The average price of gasoline has been rising steadily for years. In order to save money, and the environment, people have begun switching to biking. A third reason relating to biking's importance is exercise. For many people needing to slim down or gain muscle, biking has been their answer. Bicycles have also spawned numerous biking competitions and races. These are only a few examples of how biking has impacted our lives. There are many other effects that biking has had on our world. If you would like to see my opinion on the future of biking, be sure to check out my other page.


Ms. Alighieri said...

When I was in Italy a few months ago I was amazed at how many people (of all ages) rode bikes in the city. They weren't fancy bikes, most of them were pretty banged up, but they wove in and out of traffic effortlessly. The city traffic is horrible there and the gas prices higher than in the US so I can see why so many rely on bikes for transportation. Very nice job on your blog

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